The lowest possible consumption in the HANSA|HOME range

Water saving technology

A honeycomb shaped stream former reduces the water flow rate from 12 to just 6 I/min for the majority of HANSA fittings in the HANSA|HOME range as standard.

The intelligent stream formation ensures that the maximum water volume is available even when the water pressure is low. Amazingly, the water stream retains its volume even though the amount of water has been cut by half; enjoy water without a guilty conscience.

Savings potential due to "dual transmission function"

The HANSAECO control cartridge is yet another effective way to save valuable water and ensure flexible operation. The maximum water flow rate has been reduced from 12 to 8 l/min for all the bathroom fittings equipped with this cartridge, for example the popular HANSAMIX and HANSAPRADO ranges.

The proven "dual transmission function" of the cartridge also allows you to reduce water consumption individually: if you open the fitting halfway, slight resistance can be felt. In this position, water consumption is just 6 l/min – sufficient water to wash your hands. If you require more water, simply open the fitting further to overcome the slight resistance and to receive the maximum volume of water.

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