Stuttgart | Germany

Luxurious showering experience

If you wish to get away from it all and truly relax, Schwabenquellen is the perfect place to do so. The spa and wellness centre is well worth a trip: simply unwind and relax. What could be better than six exceptional sauna areas, seven steam baths and six oases of calm and relaxation whose design is dedicated to cultures renowned for their wholeness, well-being and health? The vast range of massages is yet another reason to take time out for a whole day of relaxation and sheer luxury. But even showering and washing your hands is an experience that should not be missed. For instance, thanks to HANSACOLOURSHOWER spa guests can relax underneath jets of water illuminated in the colour of their choice: red, orange, violet, yellow, blue or green. And there are more HANSA products to enjoy: fittings from the HANSACANYON, HANSASTELA and HANSAMIX ranges give the spa a touch of true indulgence.