Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda

Innovative and expressive

Experience Mediterranean magic at the luxurious Lefay Resort hotel overlooking Lake Garda. The spa area, in particular, which won the Gala Spa Award 2010, is worth a visit on its own. Spread across more than 3000 m², the spa area really is the place to relax from the outside world. But the hotel suites are also ideally furnished to relax and unwind, recharge your batteries and enjoy some much deserved tranquillity. This is also reflected in the bathroom furnishings. The fittings from the HANSARONDA STYLE range offer the perfect solution at approximately 100 basins throughout the individual suites. However, these were not simply chosen for their outstanding design – a further attractive feature of this range is its optimised use of two precious resources, water and energy – thus promoting the concept behind this environmentally conscious hotel.