Celebrity Eclipse

Too good to touch: electronic fittings

Imagine sailing the seven seas on a luxury ocean liner. Thanks to "Celebrity Cruises" and their fleet of exclusive cruise ships, your dream can come true. The routes are as varied as the countries and cultures which can be visited on these cruises: over 200 possible destinations ensure that every wish is fulfilled. Cruisers who prefer not to go ashore, can enjoy the varied and fascinating on-board attractions: there are fitness and spa facilities, mouth-watering cuisine or amazing clubs and bars on deck, ensuring that every passenger has a perfect holiday and on-board experience. Likewise, the cabins lack nothing in terms of comfort and quality. This includes fittings that are easy to use and meet the highest standards of design. HANSAPUBLIC E is therefore a fine choice. The wall fittings with ingenious infrared electronic sensors only allow water to flow when it is actually needed.