HANSA<span class="frutigermedium">SIGNATUR</span>

Living entirely in the moment, yet thinking far ahead; celebrating individuality while acting integratively; admiring appearance as well as comprehending the essence: Selecting one option no longer has to mean discarding others. A smart choice nowadays is a multi-dimensional one, marrying together pleasure and good conscience; aesthetics and intelligence - the choice for a generation of fittings adhering to the principle of fusion, not exclusion.

HANSASIGNATUR is the protagonist of that generation: visionary, smart, unique. Never before has a range of fittings been so entirely focused on the needs of progressive-thinking users. The dual structure of the HANSASIGNATUR washbasin fitting, with its separate lever and spout layout, is based on strict ergonomic principles and translated into an orgametric formal language. The organic fusion of precise geometric shapes creates a look which has never been seen before. With its likewise dualistic, intuitive operator control concept and intelligent applications, HANSASIGNATUR is changing our definition of the word "fitting" - and above all the way in which we will use water in the bathroom in future: maximum comfort, controlled, flexible, sustainable.